3D/2N Tours

This 3 days/2 nights tour starts and ends in Labuanbajo and is our sample itinerary. Of course, we are happy to accommodate your suggestions and customize trips for you! Read more about us and do not hesitate to contact us!

3 Days/2 Nights – Ruteng and Bajawa


Our driver will pick you up from your hotel at 7 AM.

Batu Cermin
An interesting cave formation near Labuanbajo. Once submerged underwater, you can still see a turtle fossile in this cave!

Tofu factory
See how tofu is made in a factory near Labuanbajo, from the beans until the final product. Of course, you can try the fresh tofu here!

Komodo landscape – Pure Flores Tours

Komodo landscape, credit: Bernard DUPONT/CC BY-SA 2.0

Along the way, we will stop at a viewpoint. Enjoy the spectacular coastal view of Labuanbajo and its islands.

Cocoa plantation – Pure Flores Tours

Cocoa in Flores, credit: Stefan Magdalinski/CC BY 2.0

Cocoa plantation
After the viewpoint, we continue to see cocoa trees. You can even try the taste of the fruit!

Arak processing
We will stop to see the materials and trees used to produce the local alcohol called ‘arak’. If you are lucky, you can witness the whole process! If you would like to contribute to the local economy, consider buying a bottle 😉

Cunca Rami waterfall – Pure Flores Tours

Cunca Rami waterfall

Cunca Rami
A scenic waterfall awaits you after a one-hour-hike through natural forest and rice fields. Enjoy a refreshing swim! We will have our lunch here at this idyllic spot. After spending some time at the waterfall, we will hike back to the car park where you will be rewarded with a refreshing young coconut!

Spiderweb Rice Field
After the waterfall, we continue our way to Ruteng and stop at the famous spiderweb rice field.

Overnight in Ruteng
An overnight in a family home is included, where you will have a delicious local dinner.
If you prefer to stay at a hotel, we can arrange this for you at an extra cost.


Ruteng Pu'u – Pure Flores Tours

Ruteng Pu’u traditional village in Flores, credit: Rosino/CC BY-SA 2.0

Ruteng Pu’u
After breakfast in your hotel/homestay, we will drive to a traditional village with typical Manggaraian houses. Enjoy the view of the town Ruteng from a hill nearby!

Lake Rana Mese
This crater lake is set in a stunning rainforest around 1,200m above sea level. It’s a lovely place to listen to the singing of birds and enjoy the quiet scenery.

After spending some time at the lake, we continue our drive to the next city after Ruteng. Here, we will enjoy a local lunch.

Arak processing
After lunch, we will drive to the town of Aimere to see how the local alcohol called ‘arak’ is being processed. If you would like to help the local economy, consider buying a bottle 😉

Inerie volcano near Bajawa – Pure Flores Tours

Inerie volcano near Bajawa

We will continue to drive to Bajawa and check into the hotel. After a quick refresh, our driver will take you to the natural hot springs at So’a where you can take a bath in the „local jacuzzi“.

Overnight in Bajawa: Happy-Happy Hotel


Bena village – Pure Flores Tours

Bena village, credit: Bryn Pinzgauer/CC BY 2.0

Bena village
After breakfast, we will go explore living history in the village of Bena, a small village with traditional Ngada houses and crafts such as ikat weaving (cloths).

Bena village – Pure Flores Tours

Bena village, credit: Bryn Pinzgauer/CC BY 2.0

After spending some time in the village, we will drive back to Labuanbajo (6-7 hours) and stop for lunch with a local family. There will also be several photo-stops on the way back.

We will arrive in Labuanbajo between 3-4PM.

Breakfast (2x)
Lunch (3x)
Entrance fees
1 night accommodation with local family (optional: Hotel in Ruteng at extra costs)
1 night accommodation at Happy-Happy Hotel in Bajawa

Questions? Bookings? Contact us!